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What a job!
The idle has being playing up so I had a look at the vacuum lines to see if there was any leaks. In my travels around the engine, I noticed some oil in the intake. Further investigation and it seems that the intake is well coked up! Too much oil getting past the PCV and getting into the intake. As it is direct injection, there is no fuel cleaning around the valves in the intake. So... I took the whole intake manifold off, fuel injection bars and pipes and cleaned the intakes and the valve stem. working with a bore scope, mirrors, fine tools, scrapers and air, I managed to clean all the 6 intakes. Now I know what a gynaecologist feels like! :)
What surprised me the most, is the cost of the seals all intake seal, throttle body, etc... $600 for seals! from VW
Checked the PCV valve in the valve cover and it was still good shape and I could do a good vacuum test.
Cleaned everything and fitted all back. and now its much happier


1 - 3 of 3 Posts