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Well I haven't bought a Touareg as of yet but I took one for a test drive a few days ago and was very impressed. Though I'm not a Touareg owner yet I am a VW TDI owner. I just wanted to introduce myself and see if anyone had advice on which Touareg year, model, engine would be a good one to go for. Frankly I'm a big fan of the TDIs and with the research I've done so far I am really interested in the 3.0 TDI, probably around a 2013 model. The one I test drove was a 2013 with the 3.6 VR6 in it but outside of that info I couldn't tell you engine generation or any of that.

If someone could give some advice or direct me to a thread that goes over pros and cons of the different options/generations I'd be grateful. I used to own a BMW and I know that there can be some vast differences between engine types, it may be a 3.0 but there might be three different variations of that engine.

Thanks in advance for any insight, I look forward to checking out the forum and learning more.

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