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So I posted this on the English site and thought I would have a go here too. so this the 1st post

"So I have a collapsed front right hand CV joint. So simple take off the central Hub Nut remove the whole half shaft get a new one not second hand and nut all back together, NOT.

My drive shaft HUB nut is red with rust as is the shaft it is attached to. My mechanic has already broken his breaker bar 1/2" heated it, WD40 and others to no movement in the nut what so ever.So the question is anyone had this problem before, I know that the WIS tells you that you need a new nut every time you take it off.

the only other thing it says is to raise the wheel bearing to an unladen position.

Any thoughts."

After a few replies nothing too enlightening but some replies. So today we got the nut off. Now I have posted on the English site the following which is a description of what happened. So open to any and all thoughts. Thanks.

"So got the nut off, used a electric wheel nut remover for a truck wheel, Breakdown service. We used a a 3/4" 24mm multipoint impact socket. The machine produces about 350 FtLbs or torque, took about 3 seconds and it was off, no damage the the threads. The disappointing bit after it had been dismantled and off the car is NO damage visible to the CV Bearings?

So now I am in a dilemma. What is happening. So let me explain exactly what happened. We had driven all the way down the M1 towards Dover, no super speeding just keeping to the speed limits maybe 2 or 3 miles an hour over, 50 where needed. So of the M1 onto the M25 ring road, Dartford bridge and on to the M20. We had been in the cars for a time 4 hours and got off at the Maidstone services. I pulled in by the grass so my dog could have a whiz. My daughter parked her car about two row up from where we stopped. Mine was switched off. So walked the dog and got back in.

Started up no problem put her in reverse no problem, gently reversed back about 20 maybe 30 feet, as I was reversing I turned the wheel to the right (clockwise) nothing ,stopped and turned the wheel full lock the other way and slowly moved off. As I got to the lane where my daughters car was there was a space literally next to hers, so I turned the steering full lock to the right again and clunk. What the. straightened up no problem. So as I was a in a bit of an angle I straightened the wheel in reverse as I was still a bit crooked and went back got about ten feet the car stopped, there was definite resistance to go back as though the brakes were on but they weren't. In gear forward no problem.

As we prepared to move off to continue our journey, again I backed out but after about half the cars length it stopped again, no crunch noise nothing just difficult to go backwards. In forwards moved off no problem , put it again in reverse and the same result about ten feet and come to a stop. Again in drive and off we went, slowly out the parking and onto the feed road, and the whole car just didn't want to go forwards, speed dropped of from 10 Mph to about 5 and I had no throttle. Stopped the car in park revved the engine no problem, In this state I managed to get into the Fuel depots parking. Then I phoned the Recovery with my bank.

Mechanic arrives about 3/4 hour later, I thought maybe the brake pads were toast. He took a look and no they are fine, he got in and put the car in reverse and it stopped him from going backwards after about 20 feet, in forwards and limped back into the parking bay. I got recovered home, Got the car off the flat bed and into my drive, now I did notice that so long as I didn't turn the wheel much off centre it would go okay to a point, in a straight line the car went backwards in a crawl. I could turn the car so long as the steering wheel didn't go too far off centre so a three point turn became a 8 point turn. So that's where I stand, the half shaft is off, the CV doesn't look crumpled or collapsed. see pictures but on the car it doesn't look good either see pictures."

As an after thought the pictures below show the HUB drooped down as in the air and wheel off.



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