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Custom Steel wheel mfgr in Denver

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I have found a custom wheel manufacturer here in Denver that can make both steel and aluminum wheels for the Touareg.

For reference, the bolt pattern is a 5 x 130

17x7" Canyon Wheel ET 55
18x8" Manhattan Wheel ET 57
19x9" Atheo Wheel ET 60

The question is: If I am bothering to have custom wheels made for offroad, should I go with a bead lock or it is going to be overkill for what the vehicle is capable of?
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Definitely interested in Steel Wheels!


Thanks for the info. on wheels! I just punctured a pair of Nitto Terra Grapplers on a fairly mellow section of the Lake Como/Blanca Peak trail here in Colorado. While I don't expect to do the hard core sections of this trail with the air suspension and locking diff. it's obvious the TIRES & WHEELS on the TREG are the WEAK LINK!!! I'm now definitely going to swap out the 18/19 inch wheels for 16/17 inch wheels so I can put on BFG ALL-Terrains. Looking forward to info. on this wheel manufacturer and if you're ever looking for an off-roading partner here in CO shoot me an [email protected]
Colorado Rally

Saw the rally info. and believe I'm out of town guiding but might be in that area...was planning on contacting you...hope I can get the wheels/tires thing figured out soon...definitely interested in some Front Range Day trips as number is 3 516-0371...


Jim C.
1 - 2 of 13 Posts
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