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Custom Steel wheel mfgr in Denver

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I have found a custom wheel manufacturer here in Denver that can make both steel and aluminum wheels for the Touareg.

For reference, the bolt pattern is a 5 x 130

17x7" Canyon Wheel ET 55
18x8" Manhattan Wheel ET 57
19x9" Atheo Wheel ET 60

The question is: If I am bothering to have custom wheels made for offroad, should I go with a bead lock or it is going to be overkill for what the vehicle is capable of?
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I am withholding that info until I am sure that I can get a quality product and that he can adequately manufacturer the wheel. Once that is done and I am satisfied with the final product I will have pictures, a review and the name!

The wheels are on order and should be done by the end of next week, so you won't have to wait too long.
I am getting them at cost, so they will cost more in the end. Until the product is finished and final costs are totaled, I can't say how much retail will be.
Thanks. Road safety issues and price pushed me away from the bead locks, and instead I am going with the standard steel wheels. I'm giving them a call tomorrow and hopefully they will be done in the next few days!
How about joining us for our Colorado Touareg Rally in Less then two weeks in Lake City and Ouray? See here, and feel free to contact me.

Of course, if that is such short notice, I will be making more local trip around the Front Range in August.
I'll try and give you a call tonight.

As for the wheels, bad new, my supplier could not get an ET55 center and expects that it will be at least a month out before we can get a test wheel built with the correct center.

I am still moving forward on this, but obviously, this majorly screwed up my offroad plans for next weeks Colorado Touareg Rally.

I had to go ahead and buy a AT Italia 17" wheel from TireRack so i can have a full size spare. I hope it arrives in time. In the meantime, I will be mounting the Revo's on the stock wheels and will be trying hard not to damage them. :anger:
Sorry, I am currently using it as I slashed my left front tire on rocks last week. Waiting for the replacement to arrive.

Also, having a fullsize spare is a cost of admission to the offroading experience. You really should pony up and get one for yourself.

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