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So, finally got the railpressure up. Changed the HPFP due to wife filling the car with petrol :-( Got the air out after vacuumpump was attached to pressure side of HPFP and the pressure started rising. Bled rails by loosing nuts on pipes to injectors. Now giving about 300bars when cranking and builds it up fast but still no start...

Hooked up my multimeter to the connection of some of the injectors and got ----- nothing or at least very low reading. Gives me a few questions;

1. Is it supposed to give about 12v. and pulse with ground?

2. No fault codes present but 02257 - remote receiver, 014. But the car opens perfectly with remote, can this affect the injectors not opening?

3. It looses rail pressure quickly after stop cranking, is it supposed to keep some of it when standing still?

4. Any other ideas or things to check?

Good battery, jumper cables connected and great crankingspeed. Glow plugs working (starting to get cold here in Sweden) but no start, not even juddering.
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