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I have a week off of school and went to the junkyard looking for some parts for a hot rod I'm in the middle of restoring and these fender flares caught my eye on the rear of a F150. So I found a second set of rear flares. $21 for four Ford F-150 rear flares.

Went home and got to tracing and trimming. Tackled the rear first as it looks like it would take up the most time. I'll have to pickup a single rear fender to extend the rear flares down below the bumper line.

Best part is that the flares of tabs already on them to mount new double sided tape to for mounting. Took about 30 min to trim each rear flare. Tomorrow I'll do the front, mount, and plastidip black to match the car.

Watch for updates.

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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