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I posted this yesterday but I don't see it today. If it was deleted by mods for some reason it would be good to know why...

I have a few questions regarding the radio in my 2008 Treg for which I have no manual.

The plug labeled cd-c in the first picture has a blue plug in it. Based on my search it is the sattelite radio which I do not use therefore I can simply buy the CD changer harness and replace it as both use the same socket, correct? I want to hookup my phatnoise player from my old Audi.

I am hoping that if I buy the two cables on ebay I can get it working with my radio. Is anyone using a phatnoise box with this radio? How does one change from the internal cd to the cd changer on the head unit? The CD button selects the CD in the head unit. In the Audi I had two buttons labeled cd/cdc.

Looking at the connectors on ebay they look like a fit and they should work.

I haven't looked for the sattelite radio but I assume it's located in the side wall of the cargo area?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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