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Hello guys, im new to the forum and has been a good silent reader. I have read many EGR threads and doesnt seems similar to what i experience.

The car loses coolant, topped up the coolant and after 300kms the coolant warning light comes on, have looked under the car and no leak, so i suspect its the EGR (after reading the similar threads). I then take out the hose connecting the EGR valve and found that my EGR is very clean and seen a small spot of blackish water droplets (not oil and EGR with no sign of oil marks).

The last time i started the car, there's an engine checklight come on and a triangle with circle indicator come on. The car works fine with temp gauge reading at 90 and its gone after restarting (the lighting dimmed whilst starting and sometimes the car giving system fault error due to hard starting, kind of starting with weak battery).

The local VW dealers are not very experienced with Touaregs as there are very few touareg around. The last time i ran VCDS, there was no fault code on the engine. Ive experience slow cold starting and doesnt start whilst engine is hot.

NOTE: its a BAC R5 2.5 manual with 70kms on the clock.

Please shed some light, i suspect a failed EGR cooler..
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