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At ten years old and 150K you're buying a well used old banger with a service history that may or may not include the use of the correct engine oil which may or may not lead to premature valve wear on the R5.

All the other expensive potential faults are as listed in the buying a used Touareg thread and your intended purchase may suffer none of them . . . or all of them, no one can possibly tell you which way that coin will fall.

Comparing a ten year old Touareg with a ten year old BMW is a pretty pointless exercise - the Beemer will be just as much an old banger as the Touareg with just as many potential - and equally expensive - problems if you read the Beemer forums!

The upside of Beemer ownership is that there are usually plenty of independent mechanics who know all their Beemers inside out. VW independents know the smaller models very well indeed, but not the Touareg.
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