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Hi All
I've been looking at buying a TReg as my current car, MB E Class (E290 5 Door) is starting to creak and groan at 390K Km. I live is Southern Spain and there are a few second hand units around here in Andalucia. My budget is around 8k Euros for which I would expect to pick up a 2005 diesel with around 200K Km on the clock. I drive around 12 -15K Km/year so not huge but its is up and down hills and motorways.

I've started to read the "what to look for" threads on the internet but they've made me look at other cars as there seems to be so much that I need to check! (new engines cost 10K! How often do they go bang then?)

Is it wise to be looking to buy a 10 year old motor? And at around 150K miles, what really should I be concerned about? I know that maintenance costs are high but would that be comparable to say a BMW X5?

Hope to purchase a new car in the next month.

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