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The seller of my new T2 did not know that the headlights in the car were xenons, so I ordered a salvage yard set and a brand new Kufatec adapter that I do not need. I would prefer to sell it all together, but I will break the set if needed. The headlights are a little hazy, but they have all bulbs, ballasts, and AFS motors. One of the cornering bulbs was out, but the xenons tested good. One of the smaller rubber bulb covers was also missing.

Prices are as follows, but offers are welcome:

$25 plus shipping for the locking headlight trays.

$700 shipped for the complete headlight assemblies

$50 plus shipping for the Kufatec wire harness adapter (cost was 62 euros shipped)

Items ship from 76710. I will consider trading for a front grille, especially brushed aluminum. Thanks for looking!


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