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Hi All,
This is my first post so bear with me.
Hopefully this hasn't been covered before

I have a 2008 R50 with air suspension.
Have been reading post etc relating to squeaky air suspension, noises, clucks etc.
Have read that bushings, upper and lower control arm can contribute but just can't seem to find info that sounds like my scenario.

Every morning when I get in the car the suspension is very clunky, every speed bump or road bump caused a loud noise / squeak (Very loud inside the cabin) from the front of the car which I suspect is definitely the suspension.
Strange thing though is that it is only ever for the first 10min / 10km or so then completely goes and the car is completely normal and silent after that for the rest of the day

I don't suspect its a leak in the in the airbags as the car maintains it height overnight.
Does this every day

Just scratching my head as to what might be the cause.

Any advice appreciated.
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