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Club Touareg Update - Facelift, Points, ClubTouaregNetwork

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I just wanted to give everyone a quick heads up that Club Touareg will be undergoing a major face lift soon.

We know the site design as it is now isn't the greatest, but its the forums and the wonderful folks that actively post here that are making Club Touareg the best dang Touareg site (actually, one of the best VW sites) on the net.

We've got several ClubTouaregNetwork sites up along with special advertising campaigns, so there should be an influx of new users. Please welcome them as they arrive.

Also, if you notice under every person's username, you'll find a new points indicator. Every time you reply to a topic, you receive one point. Every time you create a new topic, you'll receive two points. We're not here to police you, but we do want to keep only quality conversation going, so we will delete frivilous topics created just to get points. If you want to call that excessive moderation, so be it, but, in my opinion, a new topic (or reply, for that matter) that is of little or no value to anyone else on this board, or posts that do not meet our posting & advertising guidelines, should not receive points.

Basically, my intent is that the points will be used for our February 2004 promotion. You just have a head start. The points you earn now (I even calculated back to day 1) will count for the February promotion. You'll be able to redeem the points you have for Club Touareg raffle tickets to win awesome prizes. More details about the promotion will be layed out as they are finalized. It should be a lot of fun with a lot of great prizes available.

Now, I am asking for your help - What do you want on this site? What will make it better? What suggestions do you have that will draw in new Club Touareg members and convince them to actively participate in the forum?
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