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Would you wear a Club Touareg T-Shirt (if the design was awesome and it fit well, etc)?

  • No way! I'm ashamed of owning a Touareg.

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Club Touareg T-Shirts

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Ok... it's time for some real Club Touareg apparel. We have a new logo (its not up here yet), and.....

I am interested in two things:

1) Would you wear a Club Touareg T-Shirt (if the design was awesome and it fit well, etc)? <--- Answer this one by voting in the poll

2) What would you like it to say on the back? <--- Answer this one by replying to this post

Some ideas I had:


Driver Found.
Now where's the mud?

Driver Found.
Mud Wanted.
Mud can be replaced by "snow", "rocks", etc.

What do you think?
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I'm with Anja on the muddy masculine thing!!! I Love my Touareg and although it was designed to be driven off road in the mud and dirt, I find it to be perfect for trips to the mall or out to eat. My air suspension came in really handy at Christmas time when the mall was packed and I had to go up a curb to park in a field. And if you've ever driven in Houston traffic you know that when the freeways back up people make their own exits to get out of the traffic jam, my air is great for this as well. But, I do everything I can to keep the mud and dirt off my Touareg and I would be really upset if any mud got on my beautiful interior!!! I will admit the Touareg seems to appeal more to men than women because every where I go guys come up and nearly drool over my Touareg (this never happened when I drove a Windstar, I wonder why??? HaHa) Really I think the tee shirt is a great idea and I will purchase even if it has a muddy Touareg on it.

What's the latest on the Club Touareg shirts?? Or has it become a dead issue?? I am still very interested.

I second Trex_47e's motion - where are our t-shirts? I don't know if I can keep redefining what's masculine without it :giggle:
Working on it guys... sorry... been super busy with work and such. Trust me, I haven't forgotten about the shirts or my CT family =)
T shirts with logo.

I would also like to see a real nice golf shirt and baseball cap.
How about:

Front: Driver Found
Back: Roads Optional

Touareg...I can't pronounce it..but I can damn sure go anywhere in it.
How about,"More grunt and torque tregnic"as opposed to Vorsprung durch technic. :wave:
Shirts will be ready in about 2 weeks...

Took different ideas from different people to come up with the design.

I'm sure you'll like it.

Also, Golf Shirts and Hats will be coming in the near future, too!
I want one with a pic of a Treg in the mud ppulling out another SUV with the logo:

Touareg- Hummer Recovery Vehicle

Just checking up on the t-shirts. What happenned with them? If it's not too late, use anything but an "egg". That is so gay, not that there's anything wrong with that. ;-)

Please excuse the spelling, but I remember a VW t-shirt that had
Farfenugen on it. Someone did a remake that said, using the German lettering, F--kingrovin. One had to look twice after reading it to see that it was not the original t-shirt.
Yes, I would want one.

But replace "MUD" with "SNOW & ICE". That is much better.

Or have options to choose? Mud, rock, pilots, snow & ice etc.
Perhaps better to have choices?

Anyway, I would want the T-Shirt asking "Where is the snow & ice?"

:joy: :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy:
Count me in. I'd buy a few.
Four and half year bump! I want one - anyone have a hi-res logo?
Did anyone ever make these?
Count me in! Great Idea!
"Where NO Bimer or Rover has Gone Before...
And yes, SNOW please

I don't think anyone ever made these, that's why I was going to go ahead and do a design, but I need a higher resolution logo for the actual shirt when the times comes.

I was thinking small logo on front left pocket area, then a bigger logo on the back with a cool graphic or something. Graphic would probably be black and white to save on costs (or black/white/orange since the orange will already have to be included in the price for the logo - I think the logo wouldn't look right without the orange).

As for an actual saying/slogan, I was going to keep it with just the logo "Drivers Found, Mud Wanted" as this is the official logo for ClubTouareg.

I just need some photoshop skills :eek!
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