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Would you wear a Club Touareg T-Shirt (if the design was awesome and it fit well, etc)?

  • No way! I'm ashamed of owning a Touareg.

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loangle said:
I say take a picture of a Hummer have a Touareg with brush guards crashing through its side.

Slogan. Club Touareg ---- redefining whats masculine....

Hallo! What is this about "a masculine thing"?? I bought a Touareg (V6, offroad grey with chrome trimmings) (don't have it yet, it will get here - 'here' is Belgium - mid-june)... I can hardly wait!!! AND I am a woman. It is a strong-looking car, but there is something about the design that makes you want to give it a big hug. So I think that like me, a lot of other women will fall for this car. Heel veel groetjes uit België en een dikke knuffel erbij, Anja. :hug:
1 - 1 of 49 Posts
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