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Would you wear a Club Touareg T-Shirt (if the design was awesome and it fit well, etc)?

  • No way! I'm ashamed of owning a Touareg.

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A custom insert - on your t-shirt? There are some wicked, sick and twisted people here... I'll have three, thanks. :giggle:

Seriously, Mike's suggestion:

Driver Found.
Now where's the mud?

looks pretty good to me ... if Driver Found doesn't get you in trouble for copyright infringement, of course. If the logo features off-roading in some way (mud, rocks, whatever), maybe: "Driver found... now where'd we leave the road?"

I remember that there are some advertising people on this board, though, so maybe they're hard at work on it?

How's the logo coming?
1 - 2 of 49 Posts
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