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Would you wear a Club Touareg T-Shirt (if the design was awesome and it fit well, etc)?

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Club Touareg T-Shirts

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Ok... it's time for some real Club Touareg apparel. We have a new logo (its not up here yet), and.....

I am interested in two things:

1) Would you wear a Club Touareg T-Shirt (if the design was awesome and it fit well, etc)? <--- Answer this one by voting in the poll

2) What would you like it to say on the back? <--- Answer this one by replying to this post

Some ideas I had:


Driver Found.
Now where's the mud?

Driver Found.
Mud Wanted.
Mud can be replaced by "snow", "rocks", etc.

What do you think?
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Four and half year bump! I want one - anyone have a hi-res logo?
I don't think anyone ever made these, that's why I was going to go ahead and do a design, but I need a higher resolution logo for the actual shirt when the times comes.

I was thinking small logo on front left pocket area, then a bigger logo on the back with a cool graphic or something. Graphic would probably be black and white to save on costs (or black/white/orange since the orange will already have to be included in the price for the logo - I think the logo wouldn't look right without the orange).

As for an actual saying/slogan, I was going to keep it with just the logo "Drivers Found, Mud Wanted" as this is the official logo for ClubTouareg.

I just need some photoshop skills :eek!
I know it''s a thread from the past. I was mostly looking to make a shirt for myself (and possibly other members of the forum) - and definitely NOT for a profit. It'd be cheaper if everyone would like to group together as the rate for shirts goes down.

I'll PM AndyR and see what he says.

Remember, there are two kinds of dogs:

Siberian Huskies and those wish they were! :cool:

Bah Humbug! I love my GSD/Collie mix!!! She's a big baby!
1 - 4 of 49 Posts
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