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I just want to share my experience with 2 zones air conditioning in my Touareg 1 FL.

- air conditioning compressor change by a specialist few month ago
- no problem with air conditioning since it was change

The problem :
- During a few weeks I'd to force the refresh temperature to feel cold on the fan.
- at the end : I cant feel any fresh air in the fan and against all my expectations I feel hot air !!!

Results tests with VCDS for the climatronic:
- all of the data were fine except one : the intake fresh air temperature : -7°c (-19°F) = IMPOSSIBLE I'm living in TROPIC AREA : temperature is always over 30°c (86°F)

VCDS Log for group 11 and 12 :

"Adresse 08: Climatronic (7L6 907 040 AD)
Groupe 011: Temperature
44.0°C Outside Air (G17) Temperature
35.0°C Interior Temp. Sensor
-7.0°C Fresh Air (G89) Intake Duct
72.0°C Coolant Temperature
17:22:12 Groupe 012: Temperature
42.0°C Left Body Outlet Temp. (G385)
43.0°C Right Body Outlet Temp. (G386)
43.0°C Left Footwell Vent Temp. (G261)
45.0°C Right Footwell Vent Temp. (G262)"

With this explanation I understand why my compressor don't work : for my Climatronic it was cold outside ...

To conclude:
I change the thermosensor G89 for approximately 35 euros and 15 minutes of work, no tool needing ...

Now all is fine, air conditioning is working normally.

How to change the G89 sensor :
It was located under the dashboard on the front passenger side (my steering weel is one the left).
Just remove the panel under the dashboard and search on the right the intake fresh air duct which goes to the blower motor (also really easy to remove and oiled a little if it noisy - see other post "AC/Heater Blower Motor").
At the bottom you will see the out side / recycling valve under a plastic grid.
Just above on the left of the fresh air duct, find a couple of cable which goes on the G89 (see the picture in attachment), remove the electric clip and push on the sensor it and turn a little (I don't remember which side).
And ... change it !

Congratulations, you save money and prevent Touareg immobilization on the VW seller :)

Have a good day.

Ps: please be indulgent for my poor English.


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I got the same problem with my 2007 Touareg two weeks ago. Using a OBDeleven, I found "Compressor off: Ambient Temperature Too Low". But the reading on dash was right. When went further, I got "-7.0°C Fresh Air (G89) Intake Duct". Then followed the way y1y186 did, I fixed the problem. Thanks very much!
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