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In the first pic...Before you start to do anything you must remove the one screw that mounts the grill in place.You can locate that in the center of the VW grill.Look in the space where the V is and you should see it.You can see the four tabs on the bottom.All you have to do is stick your fingers in the bottom slot and you can feel the tabs.I cant remember for sure but you are supposed to either push down on them or pull them up.When you do just slightly pull the grill out.In the second pic you can see the four buttons on the top push down on those and pull the grill just a slight bit and it should start to come out...(Remember you must put the VW center cap on last after everything is put on .When doing this make sure it is even on all sides and with the palm of both your hands give it good push and it will pop in place.No worries if it sounds like you broke something cause it is just a tight fit.)Then reverse the process and your done.Sorry if this really a crude write up but i should have a better ione here in a while.Later


1 - 9 of 35 Posts
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