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DavidL said:
I see that some of you have tyre minitoring installed. Now i have spoken to many of licenced technicians before and all of them said more or less the same thing -- dont order a car with tyre monitoring if you can its a real pain in the arshe, and you might end up pulling your hair out of fristrasion.
Heavy smoke could be from auxilairy heater on a cooler/cold morning start up, and dont get confuse between heavy steam at exhaust and smoke.
My tire pressure monitoring system has not given me any problems in the 11 months I've had my Touareg. You do need to adjust pressure and have the TPMS relearn every now and then (as average ambient tempurature changes with the seasons, for example), but this is no surprise.

There are several cases documented both here and on vwvortex where owners thought that they had TPMS problems, but discovered there really was a bad tire (nails, screws, etc.). Overall, I think the TPM system is really nice.
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