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I picked up my V10 TDI Touareg about a month ago. Generally I am quite happy with it.

Off the hop I got into a disagreement with the dealer about the 'dealer installed factory bumper hitch'. When I picked up the car I noticed the hitch installed with a rubber plug put in the insert hole at the back. I expected that the ball and hitch (incl. pin) was removeable but when I lifted the hatch it was not inside. I asked the sales guy and he said "Oh that isn't included that is extra".

Being quite overwhelmed with my new TREG I didn't argue but drove off. When I got off cloud 9 and began to check on the net I noted the sales rep was incorrect. I went back and he then went back to check with the service technician that installed the hitch. He said that he had put the hitch in the back of the car in a box. It wasn't there. Then it was determined that the clean up guy probably removed it when vacuuming the car after service so they checked with him. He never saw the thing.

Well all of this took two visits, a telephone call and still no hitch. Today I went back (3 weeks later/third visit) and still no hitch. The service rep said that my sales rep hadn't ordered it. My sales rep. wasn't in so no one could check with him. I was told to call back tomorrow when he would be in. I gave them the 'beans'. My patience is growing thin. I reminded them that I lived a long way from the dealers and that it was very inconvienient to have to repeatedly come back. They said that they could have it delivered. I told them not to bother but just get me the hitch!!!!!!!!

Getting back to the blue cloud that fills my garage on start up. When I first got my TREG it did not burn oil on start up. I could start it and run it in my garage and everything was A Ok. Well in week 2 I began to notice that on start up the TREG began to smoke at the pipes and also from the engine crank case vent pipe on start up. I am not talking about just a little smoke here! It takes the garage at least 10 minutes with both doors open on a windy day to get rid of the cloud and the stink.

The problem is gone in 30 seconds and only occurs if it is parked for at least overnight. I have checked the oil regularly and there has been no shift in the level that is noticeable other than I did add about 1/2 litre at 1000km. As the car had 600 km on it when I picked it up I presumed that the oil loss was earlier. Do any of you have any ideas??
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