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First buy something like this online

Doesn't have to be exactly this one, I just did a quick search and picked one randomly. But make sure you get 28" x 6mm. Stock rear wiper blade is measured at 14", so you will get 4 refills for a pair of 28". That's $0.5 a piece!


1. Pop off the rear wiper off the car. It's just held in place by the two pins on the side of the middle clip.

2. Squeeze the two metal strips together and you will be able to slide the end cap out without force. (Slide the rubber blade back a little, this will make it easier)

3. Slide out the old rubber and throw it away.

4. Put the new rubber in and enjoy.

It might not be OEM quality, but at 2 bucks for 4 refills, I don't care anymore... :)


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