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I went 4 wheeling up around Central City, Colorado this weekend.

We went up around Yankee Hill area. There are a bunch of different trails and roads up in the area. A lot of quads and off road bikes in the area, too.

Most of the area is rated easy or moderate. There were a few spots where I thought I'd have trouble and really drag the bottom, but I made it through with minimal scraping and managed not to rip anything off the soft plastic underbelly! I did set it down on the front unibody rails a few times and cracked part of the front plastic plate underneath the front differential area, but no major damage.

Skid plates are really necessary for this vehicle! LOL!

A few times I could tell that I had a wheel hanging in the air. It never felt scary or out of control, however. But coming from a leaf-sprung Grand Wagoneer with a 4 inch lift (~10cm) and reasonably good articulation, the rigid suspension of the Touareg took some getting used to. But the air suspension performed awesome and it was great to be able to raise it up for the day and drop it back down for the drive home.

And the ability to switch both the center and rear lockers on and off was great! A couple of times the rear end started sliding in the snow/dirt, so I just turned off the rear locker and it straightened out.

The 6 speed transmission came in handy, too. A few times I simply left the t-xase in low range and just cruised some of the easy parts of the trails in low range in 4th gear.

No pictures of the actual rocks, but I did find a nice mud puddle that made for a good photo op:

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