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CB antenna mount recommendation

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I will need to fit a new UHF antenna soon and am looking for a recommendation on which antenna guard / fender mount best fits the angle and profile of the T2 (7L) bonnet / hood best.

I would like to mount it in the fender channel utilising one of the fender bolts and obviously needs to clear the hood and be appropriately angled, can mount in either left or right side.

If possible would appreciate the manufacturer name and model number or a link so I can follow up and source one.
I'm located in AU so unless a recommended base is available through Ebay sourcing out of the US could pose a problem.

Thanks for your help.

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That looks to be a good mount. Don't forget that it needs to be grounded/earthed to the bonnet and/or chassis. Vertical antennas like CB antennas use whatever it's mounted to as the other "half" of the antenna. That affects the output some - more output in some directions and less in others. Even so a regular, legal CB should give you 10-20km range on flat terrain and longer if you can get on a hilltop. During this part of our solar cycle (solar minimum) it's rare to have ionospheric ducting (skip) at CB frequencies (11 meters) but it is possible.

K0BG has a massive amount of information about mobile radio ops. Start with the ABC's to not feel overloaded. :)

If you want longer (and legal) range, mobile HF is the way to go. I regularly hear hams operating mobile from Florida - around 3200km away. The antenna for something like that can be a bit ugly/ungainly but they work better than one would expect.

Good idea too about getting an amateur radio license. We (wife has her license too) got ours a month after discovering there's no cel coverage 10km away from our town. Colorado has several mountaintop VHF/UHF repeater networks. We can use those to talk to nearly anywhere in the state. My callsign is K0VWA and hers is W0CYN.

Good luck!
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Forgot to say - if you don't want a big HF antenna on your Touareg (I sure don't) - you can always buy or make a portable antenna. We have two - a Buddipole with the long mast and whips for where we can't put an antenna in a tree, and an Alpha-Delta DX-CC that we can suspend between trees.

Here's the Buddipole in a horizontal dipole config:
Portable ham radio antenna by Carl, on Flickr

And same antenna but in vertical config:
WinterFieldDay_2018-1 by Carl, on Flickr

The Buddipole can be configured from 2m to 80m while the Alpha-Delta DX-CC works on 10, 15, 20, 40 and 80m. If the atmosphere cooperates it's easy to talk 5000km or more.

Good luck!
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