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Carrier bearing failing on replaced driveshaft?

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Just picked up a "new to me" 05 V8. Called and got the service records, and it shows that the driveshaft was replaced at 38,000mi. While driving it for the first time last night there was a moderately violent noise (loud thud about 10x in a row) and then the "sqeak/flutter" I've read so much about on here intermittently for most of the ride. Is it a normal thing for a replacement driveshaft carrier bearing or just whole driveshaft to go AGAIN? Or should I be looking somewhere else for the issue?

I'm going to crawl under and check if there is any play in it today...

All the noises aside, I was quite enchanted with the overall vehicle...
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You didn't say how many miles are on it now, nor when the 38K was.

Did you feel the noise through the central front armrest/console between the front seats?
Ah yes that would be important. It is just about to turn 70k. 38k was almost 4 years ago. I just checked it out and there is about an inch between the bushing and the driveshaft. And yes the noise is below the armrest.
Sorry - sounds like a new bearing /drive shaft required.

I assume you've seen the threads on how to deal with this either very cheaply yourself if you have the tools and the skills, moderately cheaply if you get a recon unit, or very expensively if you go to your VW dealer?
Don't drive the car until you've fixed it. It can wreck the gearbox.
Thanks very much!
Carrier Bearing - more info here

This thread link should join the US and Australian posts on the subject.
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