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Howdy Friends, the 'ol treg-o-sauros rex is back on stands. This time the carrier bearing cage failed, seems to be pretty common.
Pulled 6 bolts in front by tranny
Pulled 6 bolts on CV joint into diff
Pulled all bolts under carrier bearing
Banged like hell to get it out of the rear end, tried the diff lock trick, trying to torque her out to no avail
Finally had to use the old persuasion hammer to knock her out.

I don't reccomend trying to replace the bearing, for $200 and change buy a whole new drive shaft because the beating mine took at 130K miles to come out, I dont think I would feel comfortable putting it back in!

Waiting on new part to arrive, until then she sits tall on her jack stands.

Ps anyone want some ****ty step bars or radiator for the tow package, just pay to ship and I'll send it where ever, fans actually work - plugs a little messed up but going to end up in a junk yard after I move this month
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I did the Jimi Fix on mine, it was faster and easier than doing it the "proper" way and with much less interfering with things that don't need to be moved.
Some say it's kludgey, I won't argue with that but I do think it's more robust than the standard part and I've used it on 3 BMWs and my Touareg with absolutely no problems at all.

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