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The way to win. (or at least do as well as you can)

0 ) Be nice, Be firm, and Be nice and firm.
1 ) Know What you want (Never tell them)
2 ) Make sure #1 is "reasonable" (Does not have to, "very reasonable" just not "unreasonable")
3 ) Ask what they are offering. (Above #1, accept, below #1 reject)
4 ) Ask how they arrived at the number. If there is anything vague (at all) ask how they arrived at that.
5 ) Never tell them what you want.
6 ) Don't accept their explanation, make them explain further.
7 ) If they raise their offer, ask for more explanation.
8 ) If they hold their offer ask to speak to someone higher up.
9 ) Just because they hit your number, you don't have to stop asking how they got there. (See #6, #7 and #8 )
10) Be nice, Be firm, and Be nice and firm!
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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