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I need accident advice. I have never dealt with this before and since I have seen some pretty intelligent people on here, hopefully I will learn something and NOT blow up an insurance companies office! My girlfriend just recently (3 weeks) purchased and awesome used diesel Touareg. It wasnt easy to find one in her price range (under 30k) but she just recently got a great new position at a large Pharma co and she really wanted to drive something she enjoyed. She was thrilled with the car (as was I for the tuning capabilities and overall impressions of the vehicle). Saturday a woman made a blind left turn in front of her on a country rode immediately after a large RV had pulled out of a camping park. My girlfriends car was basically hidden by the rv coming out and the lady didnt see her. My gf was cruising along at a pretty good clip (55 mph ish) and WHAM plowed into the ladies right front end. Both parties were ok (thank god) but the car is probably totaled. The state trooper said since she was going straight my girlfriend was completely at no fault but we are waiting on the accident report. She will potentially be out a significant chunk of change that she put down to make her payments on the loan easier. How can she recoup this money? The insurance company says she only has half tort so she cant sue. WTF? Any help will be greatly appreciated. Its tough to swallow seeing her so upset about losing a 3 week old car ( to her) but I keep trying to tell her that car either saved her life or at least spared her major injury (NO damage to interior other than airbag deployment). Now the search is on for a similar low mileage TDI Touareg. Not easy to find!
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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