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I have been trying to post and having no luck. When I preview the post, there is no pic. I am hitting the image button then the address of the image and then the image button again but no pic when previewing. What am I doing wrong? Also, due to some error message I got when uploading pics to the general photo album, I created dupicates of two images on accident and now I can not delete one of them.

I am using a Mac so maybe this website can't handle a mac.

Any help would be appreciated.

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To add a thought, the server 'appears' to have gone through an event...

Sunday evening

- unable to upload images to the Gallery
- was able to upload images to a normal post.

Monday morning

- ClubTouareg was unreachable, followed by being reachable with the forums and/or galleries being blank.

Monday afternoon

- Everything back up, but images I uploaded to the post Sunday night had vanished.
- Recent images to Gallery for many users blank (look at first several pages of Gallery - all blank)

Monday evening

- I re-uploaded the images to the post I made.. works fine now.
- I uploaded an image to the Gallery and its there.
- But recent images from other users in Gallery remain missing.
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