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Are you ready to partake in an amazing road rally challenge across Canada! Fire up your car engines and get ready to partake in a 4000 kilometer challenge across Canada! On July 31 2009, we will be holding the Canadian Adventure Rally.

Join us on an electrifying seven day challenge through Canada’s hottest cities. Fast cars, unforgettable parties, and great friends – it doesn’t get any better than this.

There has been threads from people wishing to be a part of bullrun or other similar events. Here is your chance right here in Canada. Although some similarities to other events, this is not about going 160 miles an hour down the highway.


I am one of the co-founders and open to answer any questions there may be through our contact links on the website.

Just to let you guys know I am able to pre-release that this rally is going to be supporting the "Missing Children Society of Canada". Part of the experience and rally will be to support this great cause and it will be key in some challenges. I can't say much more, but we are hoping that we can bring public awareness to the families that have children missing, and maybe the Canadian Adventure Rally with all the teams can make a difference in someone's life.

News release will soon be posted on the website at with more details. Sponsors will also be announced shortly. Only 50 spots remain, so find your co-pilot, find a sponsor or split the cost of entry and you're on your way to the best time of your life guaranteed!

Cheers and start your engines!!!
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