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I'm online banging my head on reading the Vw parts diagrams online. The HVAC servos are all unique and with the Climatronic 2+2 I got many of them!

Vag Com says I got a failure in the V299 servo. The issue is every Vw manual uses different words to define what this servo does but the jist of it (I believe) is Positioning Motor for Left Side Vent (air mix between cold and hot).

I can find no easy way in Vw documentation to cross reference what the V299 servo is as far as part lookup. so I go online (sponsors) and see that #10 seems to match the center and upper servo. Why the Vw parts cannot be as pretty as the tech manuals is beyond me!

Best I can tell is the part number for #10 is 7L0907511AE. Can anyone with far more experience with Vw parts tell me if I'm reading this correctlY?


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