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New Owner of 2004 T-Reg - VW Certified Used 20K miles
We have had the vehicle exactly 14 days.
I drove it to work this AM - I went back out to the car 1 hour later to go to a 9 AM appointment. Cannot open car door with remote. Shouldn't be a problem - tried to open car door with key - guess what? nothing happens - there is no resistance when turning key. Battery must still be working as the blinking red light is still on. Can't get in car.
Called VW Roadside assistance - and had it dollied to VW dealer.
They had to call a locksmith to get in the car. The battery was not dead. Apparently the door lock cylinder failed or broke. Now the T-Reg is at the dealer for 3 weeks? They are concerned that I may get stranded again due to there being no cylinder lock and the computer sensing this and locking the car down. Apparently they have to order new cylinder from the fatherland. So - had car 14 days - maybe 3 weeks in shop?
Anyone else had this happen?
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