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Brake Pads, Rotors, Sensors 2015 V8 TDi

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Hi All
I would appreciate if someone can let me know what size brake pads fit my 2015 V8 TDi R-Line I find all sizes (300mm 330mm etc)
Also a recommendation on which brand you found to be good (Bosch, Bendix, DBQ??)
I need to fit front and rear pads, rotors and sensors.
Much appreciated
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Have a look at this from Brembo
I expect your's has 360 fronts and 330 rear but check the PR codes in the boot of your vehicle for the brake codes and match them up to the codes in the table to be sure. Lots of discussions over what works best but I like the Brembo even tough the pads are usually Pagid rebranded as Brembo since Brembo doesn't do friction materials yet. Zoomzoom autoparts in Vic seems to do a good price in Oz or you can try overseas - for example. John
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