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Hi All,
It's time for me to do the brakes on my '05 V8 Treg (with air suspension - not sure if that makes a difference). I'm looking for brake pad recommendations. I bought it with 40k miles, and it now has 50k miles and the brake pad light just came on.

I'm not sure if these are the original pads or not (maybe you guys could tell me......has anyone had pads that last for 50k miles on the Treg?) but I don't like them. They are very dusty, and in my opinion don't offer much modulation and feel. Is there a way to tell if the pads are the OEM Pagids? Does it say Pagid on it anywhere? I just don't want to get the same thing.

98% of my driving is just commuting back and forth to work, but I will hopefully start to do a little towing with it this year (about a 20ft boat, and perhaps a trailer to tow a 3500 lb car).

Do you guys have any pad recommendations that would give less dust, better feel, and still provide the high temp peformance for very occasional towing? Anything from EBC, or Hawk, or Performance Friction, or PBR/Axxis that you guys have had experience with? I'm using some PBR/Axxis Metalmasters on a BMW right now....stopping power is almost as good as oem, very good modulationa and feel, and very low dust. Maybe something similar to this?

Thanks in advance!

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Hawk hps or lts pads and zimmerman brakes
Fronts lasted 55k miles (sensors had not gone off yet) and rears still look like new
very low dust and great stopping power, I think better than oem.
Bought the wear sensors on ebay for $20 a pair incl shipping
Zimmermans for $161 shipped and pads for $123 shipped
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