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Brake Fluid Change

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Hello all you lovely people!
In advance, thank you for your help - you've all been fantastic with info on my Treg so very appreciate it!

I am preparing to do some maintenance to my Happy Wagon and I see I should replace the Brake Fluid every 2 years. What do I need to purchase/order? I typically go thru NAPA Auto Parts.

Also, what does this entail with the brake fluid change?

Thanks all!

2004 TDI 190k miles
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Also, what does this entail with the brake fluid change?
I used Pentosin DOT 4 LV. Available online or locally.

Purchase a Motive Power Bleeder with the European adapter (Amazon).

I used a Mity Vac to suction out the reservoir. Fill the reservoir with new fluid, add fluid to the Motive, attach, pressurize.

Start at the calipers farthermost from the reservoir. Bleed.

You DO Not need to use the VCDS procedure unless you replace the ABS pump, or run the system dry.

Search YouTube, Vortex, etc. Lots of DIY vids.
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1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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