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Bought Car... have ? on 12 volt connectors

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Hey all... Just bought a v6 touareg in Reflex Silver w/upgraded stereo I and PP2, and i gotta say... Daymn!!

One question about the 12V power supplies tho... I am looking to buy an iPod and connect it to the stereo w/a blitzsafe adapter... I also want to plug it into the 12V power supply. If i leave it plugged in to the 12V for a prolonged period of time, will it kill my battery? thanks all!
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no it shouldn't kill your battery for several reasons
1. it doesn't take much power from the battery at all
2. the ipod will turn off if I am correct when not used for a period of time to save batteries..
3. even if it did drain the battery the touareg will shut it off electronically if the battery gets low. It is smart!

question...if the car is automatically supposed to shut down when the battery gets low, why are there so many people w/ dead batteries...just curious, as i have no experience w/ this...thanks.
Yeah, that was my question too when my battery died. I never got an answer from the dealership. I know that it will shut down certain components if the battery is not fully charged but mine definitely didn't shut down completely. Who knows? Maybe it's just me. Haven't had any problems lately! :joy:
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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