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I'm very familiar w/ GTIs (had one for 17 years and made every performance modification possible except forced induction) and 911s. The comparisons in this article don't make sense. More of ill-founded, misinformed oppinion rather than useful information. Looks like all the author is attempting to do is compare each brand's SUV against its own sports oriented car. The Cayenne Turbo is by far a stronger match for the M5 than the X5 and the Touareg is nothing like the GTI. An R32 would be a better comparison.

The author also overlooks the severe limitations of the X5 off-road. The X5 has been de-throned by the Cayenne/Touareg duo in many respects and it will take a lot more than a 4.8i model to catch up.
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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