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Its not a bad article, I'll read anything written intelligently or otherwise about Tregs. Personally in the first little bit there he makes a mistake comparing the Treg to the gti - in my mind this is a first real attempt by VW to go the lux route - I'm not a long term VW owner though so I may be mistaken. I'm not familiar with the gti's, but are they really comparable to a 911 or m5?

One thing I think they missed out on is comparing the v8 to the new x5 - the numbers would have been more similar in my opinion including the mpg. In my mind the v10 kicked the crap out of the x5 performance wise - the guy practically said as much but has something against tdi's it sounds like. I'm not saying my v8 is better than a v10 - if I had the scratch I'd be in one, but to me the comparision was already skewed to normally aspirated gas engines.
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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