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Good morning,
I have an April 2005 VW Touareg 3.0 V6 TDI, which was an import from Italy what I purchased in Bulgaria.... It came with a Sat Nav disc for Europe (V1) Blaupunket / TeleAtlas and mentions on the back of the case that it’s for use with RNS MFD DVD / RNS2 DVD.... I've been researching through Google and have seen its a Platform (DX) Supplier (TeleAtlas) Device/System RNS MCD / RNS MFD / RNS MFD2 / RN S2... Now the problem I’m having.... I need a DVD which includes Bulgaria as I live a number of months per year here, but it’s like no disc's have East Europe for this format.... I've seen a few for MFD2 system but can I use this one in my unit.... I really don't want to purchase only to find out it doesn't work, so looking for some expert advise from you guys... Hope you can help on if there is a DVD for Eastern Europe with Bulgaria on it, and if only one is willing to sell there's :grin2:eek:r where I can purchase one... :smile2:Many thanks and have a great day...
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