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Bizzare turn signal behavior

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2006 V10 104,000 towing or not, on occasion I activate the right turn signal and the left indicator on the dash flashes a couple of times then nothing for a few beats. Then the right side activates. Not every time, seemingly no common conditions. Could it be a flasher? Very confused by this behavior seemingly out of the blue.
Any thoughts?
Thanks as always!
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Your indicator stalk and switch in the steering column need replacing.

Or you can try what I did and has worked for one or two others, get some electrical contact cleaning spray and give the switch a squirt.


I was about to overtake someone and indicated to pull out unaware that I was signalling the opposite. The guy behind me took the opportunity he thought was being offered and got a BIG surprise when 2.5 tons of Colorado Red pulled out unexpectedly!

Luckily the road was wide enough for all three of us.

It was only a few miles later I realised WTF was going on!

So you need to be 110% certain by watching your mirror repeater that you are sending the indicator signal you want BEFORE manoeuvring!
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Your not talking about bumping the indicator stock for 3 blink pass? That is by design.
Thanks Nooby! I will get on that ASAP as I completely understand the WTF factor here!!!!!
Your not talking about bumping the indicator stock for 3 blink pass? That is by design.
No Xeno this is a completely different animal
Sorry for the late reply, was able to get contact cleaner in the switch and got the proper function back. Thanks again Nooby!
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