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"BIG Brake" Upgrade

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Hi everyone,
So, my discs and pads called for a replacement and i decided to go a little bigger, the money difference being not that huge.
I started with the back, from 330mm i went to 358mm and to reposition and fit the calipers i used some stainless steel spacers, locally made, and some longer bolts from Panamera and Cayenne i believe. I also painted the dust shilelds using some hi temp spray. Next i will powdercoat the calipers.

Then, i proceded with the fronts, from 330mm discs i went to 350mm and sourced some 18Z brake calipers which were in a very good shape but poorly spray painted. I powder coated them, new Brembo logo and then powder
coated again with a clear coat.

In the end, i bleeded the sistem using ATE SL.6 brake fluid.
I didnt't had time to properly bed them yet but i dont expect a huge improvement over stock, stock being more that anyone could ask for, but better cooling, maybe a better pedal feel and "the most important", visual (+50 Hp, because they are red :D ). After a few hundrets Km, i will update this thread.
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PN used:

Brembo18Z: 7L6615149 + 7L6615150
Rotors: Brembo 09.C882.11 (350mm)
Brake pads: Brembo P85065 or ATE 13.0460-4993.2 or Pagid 8DB 355 018-691 (i used Brembos)
Sensors: Brembo A00206
Repair kit: 7L6698471B
Bolt and spring: 7L0698269A
Bleeders: Brembo 8A0615273 or ATE 24.3518-0014.1

Rotors: Brembo 09.9871.11 or ATE 24.0128-0169.1
Brake pads: Brembo P65027
Longer bolts: N91252201 x4 (12 x 1,5 x 130), spline M12 ( torque 30Nm+75degrees)
Disc bolts: N91028202 (x2), N91038002 (x2)
Stainless steel spacers: H=14, OD=35, ID=12,5 x4 (in milimeters)
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Looks like a well done conversion. Whats the diameter of your rim and how's the clearance And assuming you kept the same master cylinder, do you notice a difference in pedal travel
The rims are 20 inches. The clearance is tight, around 5-7mm, but i know for sure that using stock wheels clearance is not an issue. Pedal is still "soft", i think i may have some air trapped and i will adress that issue soon.
Stock calipers:

Brembo 18Z calipers:

Have you uprated the brake hoses?

If not, you should.
Thanks for the ideea, now i'm planning to upgrade them with HEL VW-4-460. I've heard stainless steel hoses makes a big difference.
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@groundskeeperwilly , I've seen your topic here and youtube video a while back. Nice color :)
@seafarer28 , yes, from 4 to 6. I haven't really tested it yet but as far as i read, many people coded the brake module and many didn't. Those who did eventualy returned to stock coding. For now i'll stick to stock coding.
Over here, I am cheaping out on buying legit OEM replacements.... you guys are just throwing your money away on "upgrades"...... maybe I need to immigrate "back". :eek:
Hi @SaVAGeSoot,
Anyway i needed to replace the front/rear rotors and pads and the rotors were 40 Euros more, per set, and the pads around 25 Euros more. I also had a 40% discount on parts. For the calipers i paid ~200Eur, 80 Eur powder coating and the labour was done by myself.
At first i wanted Brembo 19Z (newer Cayenne) and 368mm rotors, but the whole setup was too heavy, too much unsprung weight.
Immigrate back? :D Where were you born? If its somewhere around Central/Eastern Europe you already know we have cheap prices, good beer and pretty girls.
Cheers 🍻
Ce mica e lumea :D
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