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"BIG Brake" Upgrade

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Hi everyone,
So, my discs and pads called for a replacement and i decided to go a little bigger, the money difference being not that huge.
I started with the back, from 330mm i went to 358mm and to reposition and fit the calipers i used some stainless steel spacers, locally made, and some longer bolts from Panamera and Cayenne i believe. I also painted the dust shilelds using some hi temp spray. Next i will powdercoat the calipers.

Then, i proceded with the fronts, from 330mm discs i went to 350mm and sourced some 18Z brake calipers which were in a very good shape but poorly spray painted. I powder coated them, new Brembo logo and then powder
coated again with a clear coat.

In the end, i bleeded the sistem using ATE SL.6 brake fluid.
I didnt't had time to properly bed them yet but i dont expect a huge improvement over stock, stock being more that anyone could ask for, but better cooling, maybe a better pedal feel and "the most important", visual (+50 Hp, because they are red :D ). After a few hundrets Km, i will update this thread.
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Over here, I am cheaping out on buying legit OEM replacements.... you guys are just throwing your money away on "upgrades"...... maybe I need to immigrate "back". :eek:
"Legit?" The 18z's were fitted to the V10. And no, no need to re-code.
Yes, I run el cheapo parts.... not even OEM... this is CAD
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.... and you guys don't have V10s so I'm not sure why you're mentioning that..... are you suggesting the V10s could outbrake the rest of us? :unsure:
Hmmmm. Too bad you weren't in the room with the Porsche/VW engineers when they were designing the braking system for the Touareg and Cayenne. "Hey guys, we don't need those fancy 6pot calipers and larger rotors. It's all for show anyway. Look at this cheap crap we can buy from Canada. Think of all the money we'll save!"

But hey, if mediocrity is your thing, who am I to criticize?
Too bad you don't spend any time reading the many available tech, engineering, physics, economics, marketing articles that are available for free instead of choosing to be a sheep.....

Just think of the knowledge you could absorb to understand physics, heat dissipation, friction, etc....

I'll keep driving without brakes over here because I didn't spend a few $K on better parts.
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Cross drilled and slotted is contraindicated for oe fitment on any model this platform including Turbo S Cayenne… if you off-road at all, you’ll find out why…
Pray tell oh vaunted "Touareg Brake Specialist". I had drilled/slotted rotors on my fully kitted out (ie heavy) LR D2 for years. Off-roaded the ***t out of it in all types of terrain. Never an issue with the brakes.:unsure: Pound for pound, I would say the LR was harder on rotors than my Touareg.
Off-roaders usually stick to plain discs/rotors to avoid small stones getting caught in the holes/grooves which can then score the pads badly.

Touareg front discs/rotors are usually "handed" with the internal vanes curving forward in forward rotation to draw in cooling air.

So have you fitted 2 left side discs/rotors, or two right side discs/rotors, or have you chosen a pair of discs/rotors that aren't "handed" at all?
A left on the left, and a right on the right. Both "handed". Maybe I was lucky, but I never had any issues with the slots or holes in all my LR days through mud, water, sand etc... I did however have all of my backing plates removed so crap wouldn't get trapped between the shield and the disk. The emergency brake on the D2 was a drum on the rear driveshaft just out of the transfer case, so no need for backing plates on the rear.
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