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Battery Issue 2008 V10

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I've been away from home for quite sometime and my battery is drained. The ignition will not release the key, trucks in the garage so not a huge deal, but what is the best way to charge the battery? Is there an under hood connection or do I have to move the front seat to get under for the accessory battery, or do I need to get to the spare and get the rear battery? I'm looking to do this as painlessly as possible.

Also, since I travel quite a bit where is the best place to hook a battery tender, would that be under the hood or somewhere else?

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Can I charge both batteries at the same time with two separate chargers? I'd put one under the hood on the terminals there and one on the main battery under the spare tire.
That is the way I store my cars. I used two separate battery tenders, one on the contacts under the hood(charges the main battery under the drivers seat) and I attached the eye hook connectors to the terminals on the starter battery under the rear cover/spare tire. I used a long cable so I could run the cable outside the battery box and through a hole in the spare tire rim so I can easly reach the connection to the starter battery. The starter battery really does not need to be on a tender as it is always at stand by mode after a few minutes but the main battery does seem to take a while before it has enough of a charge for standby mode.
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