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What a great direct comparison! How do you decide which car to take out in the morning?

Better in Cayenne S V-8:

Seats- much more supportive and sport car like. They really hold you in on the turns
Audio- Bose system much better than top of the line Touareg Nav audio. Cayenne features a subwoofer in the rear in place of a spare
Absolute agreement on the seats - they are miles ahead of the Touareg's. As to the sub-woofer, you can have a spare there instead, just like in the Touareg. The sound system is still better than the Touareg's without it.

Steering- Triptronic controls on both sides of wheel. Much harder and tighter feel to the wheel. It is much like the 911 Carerra that I had. No slop at all. Touareg takes less effort to turn the wheel and feels more like a luxury cars steering. MFI and Audio Controls on Touareg wheel are excellent.
I don't like the wheel itself, but the Porsche does give a lot more feedback and the tiptronic is great. The computer functions in the Porsche are not user-friendly at all. You've got more buttons on your wheel than the S I drive: the computer is controlled by a stalk.

More sex appeal- sorry the Cayenne looks sexier to me and I get a lot more looks in it than the Treg.
Yes, so do we. But it's a lot of sneering and envy rather than admiration, in my experience.

4 Zone AC (not sure if this is an option on the Cayenne) Separate fan speeds for driver and passengers while the Cayenne is the same speed for everyone :(
It is an option. Anyone sitting in the middle rear will thank you for not getting it.

Parking Distance sensor system (not sure if they offer it on the Cayenne)
It's an option.

I thought the Cayenne S's sense of urgency is awesome; I wondered if that was just because I'm used to the V6 Touareg, but you've confirmed my thoughts. Have you got air suspension on the Cayenne? I'm wondering if the steel sprung Porsche is a much better handler than the steel Touareg: the Porsche with air makes a mockery of my steel sprung Touareg (on 17" wheels, admittedly).

Anyway, thanks!
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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