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The Touareg forum members alerted me to the need for all four tires to be within 2/32's so thanks. Now I have a story My highlander got t boned while I was stopped at a gas station(long story I was found zero at fault) and as it was being put back together 10k damage I said to the body shop service writer"don't we have to replace all 4 tires not just one" the other 3 are 6 32 and a new that was punctured will be 10-11 32" answer no So OK

Now I get it back there is a drone noise thinking wheel bearing but took it into the service Toyota dealer like a couple months later dont really drive it much they said they rotated the tires and they see one is new they all have to be within 2/32. So I call the filed adjuster he says they only have to repair the one tire but he would consider replacing the other side on same axel. I am trying to tell the guy this wont solve the problem. I ask if "I did not have the money to replace the other 2-3 tires I am just to damage my driveline and this makes me "Whole" from the accident. So he will get back to me.
So now I have to hash this out and just a continued nightmare. I tell the guy it was 100 percent not my fault, I did not claim some whiplash thing and I have a 10 k carfax report to further depreciate my car. Let ya know what happens but thanks for all the information on this site, I also want to have some compensation for the carfax now so wish me luck. Warm
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