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asking $400

I have a set of four OEM audi Q7 wheels with a set of 285/60-18 nitto terra grapplers mounted on them, I had them on my 05 touareg for over 20k miles, the wheels were taken off a Q7, they are not replicas, these are oem wheels, a set of new wheels by themselves will cost u around 2600 from the dealer, the wheels have some normal scratches on them one of them has a bigger scratch but not damaged, no dent or anything around the edges, 285s are massive so they've been protected pretty good.
they look great on the touareg! can also be a great winter set too I'm selling them mostly for the wheels, tires still have good amount of tread on them. when I was taking the pictures I noticed a screw in one of the tires, I tried to pull it out but it wasn't coming out and looked like it's been there for a while, you can see it in the picture. no air is escaping tho
they are pretty dirty in the pictures but they're in good condition
you can also look at my original thread when I installed these

I prefer you be in northern California and do a pickup as I have no clue how much it will cost to ship these...

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