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Hello to all. I'm a new member ( Again ). Was mb58h and now I'm mbTouarh and still a lover of All Touareg's from my earlier T1 & T2 both V8's to my now 2014 TDI. 30 days after purchase from dealer as a "pre-own" I was inform by the EPA and Media .... I'm a Bad Person killing all the wonderful animals and some people. TDI rules .... Sorry V6's and even you V8's, but TDI rules. Going 500 miles before considering fueling is nice.
Now .... without the Humor which I hope didn't offend anyone .... It's good to be back. Apparently I've been gone and when I tried to sign up as my earlier usser "mb58h" with password .... I wasn't to be found. So after trying to figure out what happen .... blew it off and reinvent myself.
To my neighbors in south central Texas and the closer ones known as "rustman3h" .... Howdy. Make contact. I have seen in my area 6 TDI T3 models. 3 Black, 1 white and 1 silver.
Thanks everyone welcoming me back.
:wink2: mbTouarh
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