Anyone know of anyone or anywhere selling a 2015-17 Touareg TDI? My 2012 3.6L SEL Passat just got totaled about a month ago I loved that car but with kids and a dog there just aren't enough seats for my husband and I guess he doesn't want to ride in the trunk anymore...weird, right. We test drove a 2014 R-line TDI and fell absolutely in love with it but ultimately that one had been in an accident and the new paint job on the bumper was less than acceptable. Researching we decided to start looking for 2015 or up (even though we're sad to let go of owning an r-line) with under 100k miles or right around cause ya Also looking for one that hasn't lived it's entire life up North because well, rust. I feel like I'm only asking for an arm, a leg, your first born child and tossing in your beloved dog considering all of these requests. Did I mention LUX is my bottom tier? And around $20k give or take some?

Seriously, any help or leads would be appreciated! It feels like I've looked at them all over and over again.