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Anyone looking for Continental DWS tires?

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I've taken on a shipping account of a distributor for Continental tire. They mainly warehouse the DWS model in any size up to 20". They also carry the Michelin Primacy all season tire as well.

He's offered me tires at wholesale prices, I've compared and his prices are a good $10-20 cheaper per tire than Tirerack which is known to have the lowest online prices.

These are all new stock tires with current DOT stamps. If you want a set please send me your size and I'll check availability. If you just want prices for now just go to terrace and check the price on the size you're looking for. Deduct at least $10-15 per tire.

All tires will be shipped out from his location in New York directly to your door. I will ship out on my account at greatly discounted rates. Feel free to call/text me or shoot me an email with inquiries.

[email protected]
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